What You Need to Know About Spectrum TV Plans and Prices

Spectrum TV Stream is an internet/streaming skinny bundle service introduced to the market to Spectrum Internet customers who do not subscribe to Spectrum pay-TV service. If that basic description rings a bell, it’s because you’ve been paying attention. On the surface, it appears to be Spectrum TV Choice.

What exactly is the distinction between Spectrum TV Choice and Spectrum TV Stream?

The distinction between the two is almost entirely a matter of taste. Spectrum TV Choice allows users to choose 10 networks from a large selection of options, including access to local network affiliates and several smaller digital tier networks, as well as access to local network affiliates and several smaller digital tier networks. Things like 7.1 and 7.2, which are home to networks like Charge and Comet. Users can even change their lineup by dialing a number and changing it.

Spectrum TV Stream, on the other hand, has a pre-programmed lineup of 25 channels that includes the four major networks, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS, as well as PBS and 20 cable stations, one of which is Spectrum News. The cable channels are as follows:

FXM, A&E USA, Animal Planet, FX, FXX, CNN, Freeform, TBS, AMC, Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, E, TNT, Comedy Central, Oxygen, and TLC.

Spectrum’s base channel score is relatively low (125+) when compared to other cable TV providers, and its DVR service isn’t particularly noteworthy. However, keep in mind that Spectrum will buy out your contract for up to $500.

Spectrum characteristics

The spectrum’s characteristics are as follows.

  • By purchasing a golden plan, you can access a variety of channels, including premium channels.
  • The Channel list contains information about the channels that you can obtain by using spectrum services.
  • Spectrum channel list allows users to see all of the channels they receive.
  • Spectrum allows you to choose your channel based on your preferences.
  • You must only pay for the channels that you have chosen to watch.
  • You can even deduct or add channels as you see fit.
  • You will receive a cost-effective package for the channels you choose.

Spectrum Select TV is Spectrum’s only TV plan, and it includes more than 125 network and basic cable channels. However, if you want to add premium cable channels like HBO Max ($15.00 per month) or SHOWTIME ($10.00 per month) to your plan, you can do so during the checkout process. Also, keep in mind that Spectrum offers no-contract plans at no extra cost, whereas other carriers charge a premium for that kind of freedom.

Channels on the spectrum

When it’s time to sit back and relax after your move, Spectrum select TV has a variety of channels to help you settle in. Spectrum channels differ depending on ZIP code, but the most basic package, Spectrum TV Select, includes at least 125 channels. ESPN, the History Channel, TBS, TNT, and the USA are among the channels available with the base plan.

Spectrum TV Silver has 175+ channels for those who want more entertainment options. All of the channels on the basic Spectrum TV Select plan are included, as well as a few extras like Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime.

The gold plan is preferred by true TV power users. Spectrum TV Gold, which includes over 200 channels, allows you to watch all of your favorite shows. ESPN and HBO, as well as the remaining channels in the Spectrum Select TV and Spectrum TV Silver packages, are included, with notable additions such as Starz and Starz Encore.

For sports fans, there are numerous channels to choose from.

  • ESPN 1 and 2, Fox Sports, MotorTrend, NBC Sports Network, SEC Extra, and SEC Network are all available on Spectrum TV Select.
  • NFL Network, MLB Network, and Golf Channel are among the channels available on Spectrum TV Silver.
  • Stations vary depending on location, but for most sports channels, you’ll need Spectrum Gold, which includes ESPN News, FOX College Sports, and ESPN Goal Line.

Bundle with the internet:

 Spectrum offers two packages that include both internet and TV. For $89.98 per month, Double Play Select provides 125+ channels with free HD and 200+ Mbps. At $114.98 per month, the Double Play Silver plan includes all of the channels in the Double Play Select plan as well as an additional 50 channels and the same 200+ Mbps internet speeds. When you compare that to $49.99/mo with a one-year contract for 200+ channels and the same internet for $49.99/mo, you can see how combining your internet and TV service will give you more bang for your buck.

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If you’re looking for another way to save money while moving, take a look at some of the additional benefits Spectrum provides to customers who switch. Although the TV provider does not offer coupons, it does offer contract buyouts and bundled packages to help you save money wherever possible.