Cleaning jobs that can’t be done without a commercial cleaning company

As an employer, you have an obligation to provide a clean working environment for your staff. There are certain standards that must be met for health and hygiene but maintaining a clean office also shows that you care about your staff and their welfare.

So, does this mean you or your staff should be donning a pair of rubber gloves? Unfortunately, cleaning is a time consuming and expensive process (as many essential tasks often are), so it can be counterproductive to expect your staff to add this to their daily task lists. Besides, many cleaning tasks need to be completed when the office is empty and asking people to stay around after hours is never a popular decision.

This is where a commercial cleaning company, or a facilities management company, comes in handy. Not only will they provide highly trained staff and the necessary equipment, they will have experience to meet our needs. Plus, they will help create an office environment that motivates your staff and impresses your visitors.

So, with this mind, here are cleaning jobs that can’t be done without a cleaning company:

1. Carpets and Floors

Cleaning the floors in your office is a big job that requires more than a simple vacuum. More importantly, they can only be done when the office is empty. The office floor has an almost constant state of foot traffic, so there will be a daily build up of dirt, grime, and germs.

A commercial cleaner will have all the necessary equipment needed to make your office floors sparkling clean for a new day’s work. This will include floor polishing machines, proper vacuum cleaners, high quality mops and more. They also know the best techniques to get rid of even the toughest stains – so you can forget all about that coffee spill!

2. Deeps Cleans and Sanitising

Deep cleaning and Sanitisation are incredibly important for staff health and safety. Germs and bacteria are ever present in an office environment, and the only way to ensure they are kept at bay is through regular deep cleaning procedures.

A professional cleaner will know exactly what procedures and products need to be used in order to minimise the germs in your office and the risk they pose to your staff. They will be able to expertly sanitise the kitchen and common areas as well the bathrooms – an area no one really wants to clean themselves.

What a commercial cleaner will also do is cover the areas we often don’t think need to be cleaned. For example, a desk phone and headset have more bacteria present than many other surfaces in our office. Like door knobs or switches, they are frequent contact points that can go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

3. Windows and Walls

These are other areas that really require a professional touch. When it comes to cleaning windows, there are certain techniques and products that need to be used, otherwise over time your windows will be left looking smudged and even foggy. This is not only unpleasant for your staff looking out the window, but for people walking past your office as well.

There is also an added layer of risk when it comes to cleaning external windows. A commercial cleaner will have the correct training and equipment to ensure the task is performed safely and correctly.

Walls have an unfortunate habit of attracting unwanted stains. Pen marks, furniture scuffs, scratches, chips, and graffiti require knowledge and experience to be removed. This is where the expertise of a professional cleaning company will be invaluable.

A commercial cleaner is a worthwhile investment. The money and time you will save is invaluable – so much so, that in some cases hiring a cleaner is less expensive for your business than a sick day (which can be reduced with proper cleaning measures).