What is a jungle scout estimator tool?

We’re delighted you found Jungle Scout among the various seller tools available. Jungle Scout is the most comprehensive tool for discovering, launching, and selling products on Amazon and elsewhere. You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re getting started selling on Amazon and don’t know where to start. “How do you utilize Jungle Scout?” It can be intimidating to learn Jungle Scout because of its various features and functions. But, no matter where you are on your Amazon selling journey, Jungle Scout is here to help you and your business. You can Go Now and know more about the jungle scout tool.

Take a look at the state of your company.

The Home Dashboard on Jungle Scout now provides sellers with a weekly status update on their company’s performance. Sellers may see high-level indicators like total sales, total profit, units sold, ROI, net margin, and average sales price from the minute they log in, thanks to new sales widgets. They can even monitor PPC marketing results.

Sellers can instantly see the performance of their business in real-time without having to traverse Sales Analytics or Seller Central. The Home Dashboard also has a wealth of information on using Jungle Scout’s tools, staying up to date on Amazon news, signing up for webinars, and much more.

Jungle Scout was founded to handle product research, and we continue to be the best at it to this day. Use Jungle Scout’s comprehensive product research tools to find your first private label product – or the next big hit.

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  • Product Database
  • Opportunity Finder

Most new users to Jungle Scout are looking for a profitable product to sell on Amazon FBA. Let’s go over how to use our Product Database so you can get started on your research right away.

How to conduct product research using Jungle Scout’s Product Database

Product Database is a searchable list of 475 million Amazon-sourced products. Sellers can use this feature to find products that fit specified search parameters. When looking for profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA, the Product Database is a beautiful place to start. The navigation menu will appear on the left-hand side of your screen when you sign into Jungle Scout on a desktop. You can access all of Jungle Scout’s features from here. Select “Product Database” from the “Product Research” drop-down menu.

You have now entered the Product Database tool. You can start looking for product opportunities here. Select the product categories you’re interested in and filter for characteristics like price range, net price, sales rank, revenue, reviews, and rating to personalize your search. These criteria help you narrow down your product search to identify the things you’re most interested in selling — as well as the ones that are most likely to make you money.

The category filter allows you to choose one or more product categories to see what related products are available on Amazon. You are free to choose as many as you like! Let’s use “Sports & Outdoors” and “Toys and Games” as examples. Remember that your search may return hundreds of results, making it difficult to sort through them. Search through one to two categories at a time to keep things manageable.