The Apostolic Prophet Kofi Danso Has Spread the Gospel to All People

The Prophet Kofi Danso is known best for the gift of healing and prophecy. Situated in Canada, specifically Toronto, his ministry has been as a leader who was called by God to be an Apostle and Prophet in God’s world and has been driven to spread the word thru the world. For the last twenty years he has taken the reach of Christ message of God’s kingdom. He has spread to millions of suffering individuals with his preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Miracle Arena of All Nations

As overseer and founder of ‘Miracle Arena for All Nations’, the Prophet has expanded this church with eighteen branches across the world.


His message is also aired throughout the world Network, Vision and Yes TVs as well as various social media locations. These have all spread the world of Christ rapidly and without any borders.

Deliver those from dire situations

Danso uses the gift he has been given to deliver people from situations that are dire, provide a message that is positive and given to those who are seeking some spiritual guidance to find it. He is gifted in making the Bible simple and the spiritual mysteries easy for millions to come to understand the message he is delivering. He scatters his teachings with humour, making himself more understandable, relatable, and supportive to those who have come to the church. He is ardent about his calling and it drives him to the righteous that are looking for God’s love. He has also created the “Timothy Generation Sessions” program and the “School of Revival” that is opening to those who are wanting to become leaders who are spreading spiritual love throughout the church.

The idea of company

Danso was inspired from God. Once he accepted that calling, he says that God led him to create this ministry so that he would be able to reach hearts of those needing to find the Kingdom without Borders. It is through this calling that his ministry has been able to support as well as help so many around the world.