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10 Ways To Make Money As A Yoga Instructor

The salary scale for yoga instructors can vary greatly depending on the way you apply your knowledge. Yoga instructors can follow a variety of paths, some more common than others.

You don’t have to worry. I will break them down for you so that they are more understandable.

According to data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, the average fitness instructor earns around $19 an hour. It is estimated that a full-time fitness instructor earning $19 per hour would earn just under $40,000.

You will earn more per private lesson if you teach fewer classes, but less overall. Your hourly rate will depend on your location, skills, and type or yoga certification.

The national average price for a private class is between $70 to $80.

All these numbers aside, there are many great yoga teachers who earn a living, or make a LIFE depending on your perspective, all around the world.

What could be better than connecting people to the yogic way of life as a job?

Yoga instructors have many opportunities to earn more than minimum wage.

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By a great deal.

What is the best part of this?

Your yoga certification can help you create your own path. You can pursue your passion and live the life you desire for many years.

You can earn money by doing the things you enjoy.

1. Teach in a studio or gym

teaching at a studio is the most common way for a person to become a yoga teacher. This is a fantastic option that can be done either full-time or part-time. This is a good way to add more experience and skills to your resume. If this is the only source of your income, you may burn out. You can earn between $30 and $100 per class. However, you end up running around the city to teach classes in multiple studios or gyms. Diversify your income streams and look at other options.

2. Teach private lessons

You may start getting private clients after teaching for a few years in a studio or gym. You can set your own rate per hour, much like a personal coach, so you will make more money than teaching a group class. They can also be scheduled around your schedule.

3. Teach corporate yoga

As more and more companies become aware of the benefits that mindfulness and yoga can bring, they are increasing their investment in these programs. Some companies have started offering it to their employees as a benefit (yay!) You can teach meditation and yoga at a corporate event or team-building activity, as well as during a lunchtime. You can diversify your clientele and income by adding companies to your list.

4. Teach in a resort or hotel

As the Yoga Travel Industry explodes, many hotels and resorts offer yoga classes for their guests. It’s a great way to gain some experience, and you can do it in a beautiful location. You can teach a variety of styles from hatha to Restorative Yoga which is popular with weary travelers.

Consider offering free yoga classes in a hotel or hostel for new teachers. If the students are satisfied, they may be offered a paid job in the future.

5. Offer your services to a child care or after-school program

Children’s Yoga has become more popular as the benefits of this form of yoga are recognized. Yoga classes in a daycare program or after-school program are a great way to introduce yoga to children who may not have the chance otherwise. There are many options for online or in-person certification programs that can help you become certified to teach yoga to kids. This is the most enjoyable option for yoga instructors.

6. Hold Yoga Pop-Ups

This can be an excellent option for those who are just starting out in their yoga teaching careers. Pop-ups are a great way to gain teaching experience in a non-traditional studio environment. Yoga can be practiced anywhere. You can use your creativity to choose where to hold classes. The sky is the limit. Facebook groups and are great for organizing pop-up yoga classes wherever you may be.

7. Travel and teach retreats

Do you have a wanderlust for yoga? You might enjoy working at yoga retreats. In recent years there has been an explosion in the number and variety of yoga retreats. It’s possible to teach yoga and earn money while traveling the world. You can ask the yoga center if they are hiring, or you can join YogaTrade and see all of the teaching positions that appear around.

8. You can host your own retreat

You will build a network as you gain experience in the yoga industry. This includes regular students, teachers, and wellness workers. You can then choose to plan and facilitate your retreat once you have solid connections. Planning a retreat can be a great option for planners who want to do something unique.

9. Offer workshops

Most people who teach yoga are also passionate about other things. You can combine your skills and earn more money by creating your own workshop. You can choose to offer a workshop that combines yoga with meditation, a workshop about the yogic way of life, or even a style-specific one. Workshops in yoga therapy, aerial yoga and Yoga Nidra are particularly popular.

10. Write for Yoga Blogs and Publications

You can share your knowledge of yoga in other ways. Why not write about yoga when you take a break? Many yoga and wellness blogs are looking for writers. You can earn extra money and take a break from your leggings.

YogaTrade is a great place to search for opportunities. You can also look for publications that hire writers online (pssttt… we’re always hiring writers!). Google is a great way to locate these publications. Search for sites looking for guest writers by typing ‘allintitle : yoga + submit’ or allintitle : yoga + contribute into the Google search bar.