How works Forex Calendar API

Instaforex is proposing its partners to appreciate a new multifunctional marketing tool – the yahoo forex api from the broker’s official site. With the help of this service company’s partners can place the Forex calendar in their resources so that they can get the most important economic news, data analysis, forecasts and commentary on every event online. Please note that by sending the request with a valid affiliate account, you will receive a calendar for current and future weeks. For a valid affiliate account, the “true” parameter is removed from a message 5 minutes after the release. Sending a request with or without an incorrect link account, you will receive a calendar for current and future weeks with 40{5bbe2a420b3d9c295b791a88a2189c2ba7a2f3c02b4b8d80c10e29e5b95d6fdd} news. The “true” parameter is removed one hour after the message is released. The Calendar API is an indispensable, useful and concise tool specially designed for our partners. This will make your resource more real and attractive. InstaForex provides its clients and partners with highly qualified services that meet all the requirements of modern forex market services.

The document contains examples of applications for the most widely used programming languages.

I am currently looking for an API that provides economic calendar data for realizing an automated forex trading strategy. So far I’ve been able to find these two providers:

Both APIs are relatively expensive and I miss an important piece of information in the data provided. What I need for all releases of economic calendar data is not just the total release time (e.g. 9:00 AM) but also the right time (e.g. 9:00:17 AM). The reason is that I want to back down a trading strategy based on these releases, and the tests are representative only if the data is sufficiently accurate.

 Benefits of using the Forex Calendar API:

 It is completed base on the calendar, which assists several traders in making use of the current with all upcoming financial data. It holds data for all future and past economic events of various countries. In the part of the relationship, then change in the region of economic indicator of the land, which is affected the value of the respective currency. If the trader knows that the releases of the accurate report which is become imminent and it released will trigger volatility and other high. If it is a response to the total announcement, then it relies much on where the positioned by himself.