How to Turn Down an Interview after Accepting another Job

You are being invited for an interview, and you are very anxious because of all the other people who have also been invited for the same job. When you finally got through the interview and were asked the same questions, you felt like you were light years ahead of everyone else. You feel that you have a bright future ahead of you because of the job that you just accepted. The problem is that you feel discouraged now because you have already accepted two other job offers. But here is what you have to remember: even if two other people have also been given the same job, it does not automatically mean that you should turn down an interview.

If you were offered a job and you were interviewed for it, then you should definitely accept it without any second thoughts, at least that’s what AEI staffing agency in Hawaii suggests. No matter what happens, you will be able to get another job after you have been accepted. The only thing that is not going to change is the fact that you have already been rejected. So the answer to your question on how to turn down an interview after accepting another job is this: yes, you should always be confident when you have been accepted for an interview.

However, there are some cases wherein you would not necessarily want to turn down an interview. For instance, if the person who has made the offer to you is someone whom you really like but the company has a policy that states that you can only accept jobs that are offered to you in the company you are with. Or you may be asked to go on a job interview before being given the final say on where you would work. Another example is if you have recently moved to a new city or state and you would need time to adjust to the culture and the way of doing business in that place. In these kinds of cases, it would be impractical for you to simply accept the job offer.

But in most cases, you will have no choice but to turn down the job. There are several reasons why you would have to do this. One is that the company or the person who is offering the job would not be willing to explain things to you clearly. They would instead prefer that you accept their offer without asking for clarifications. Another reason why you would have to reject the offer is that they may be trying to pressure you into accepting another job offer from another firm. This is a common practice among people who are desperate to get hired and they use the fact that you have rejected another job offer as a way to make you back out.

But the only way for you to know whether you should reject or accept an interview is for you to check with your manager or the head of personnel at the company where you are working. If they tell you that you should not reject the interview, then you can go ahead with it. But if they tell you that you should accept it, then you need to check whether the reason given to you by your would-be boss is legitimate or not. Of course, you cannot just accept it on the face value and then be stuck with it.

You would need to check whether the reason given to you is legitimate or not, because in most cases, it is wrong. For instance, it could be that your previous employer has changed the procedure for qualifying for a promotion or pay raise. You could also be disqualified for some wrong reason, such as submitting documents that are not suitable for the job or being late for an interview.

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