An essential guide to facilities management

As a business owner, there are so many things that will require your attention. Between generating profits, looking after your staff, and keeping things afloat, the list is very long.  However, one thing that you can’t overlook is the management of your workplace or business. This is known as facilities management, a term that you’ve likely heard before but if you’re reading this, need to learn more about it.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about facilities management and how it relates to your business.

What is facilities management?

Facilities management, in short, is the upkeep of the site and tools that are used by your business. This will look different depending on the nature of your business. For a tech company, this will mean things like ensuring that computers are working and that only authorised personnel can access the building. For a factory or plant, this will encompass safety checks and the management of waste and/or hazardous materials.

Whatever the nature of your business, you will need some degree of facilities management. Even a small office with a handful of people needs to be maintained to ensure the safety and productivity of your staff. Your home needs regular cleaning, maintenance, safety checks, and security measures and your business isn’t any different.

Should you outsource your facilities management needs?

When it comes to maintaining your business premises, you have two options: Outsourcing or managing this in-house. Managing your facilities yourself may seem like the simpler option, however, the opposite is often true. Doing so means that all the responsibilities and costs will fall on you. You can of course hire people to assist you, but you’ll need to pay for that yourself.

The alternative is to outsource, which for many, can save both time and money. A facilities management company can provide expert knowledge and well-trained staff to oversee your needs both now and in the future. From a time perspective, your input will be minimal. You also can save money via outsourcing too. These businesses will have multiple clients, and therefore, will charge you a pre-agreed fee that is often cheaper than covering the full costs yourself.

What services can a facilities management company provide?

These businesses can provide a number of essential services such as:


Whether it’s managing CCTV on your behalf, providing patrols, or simply key holding, these companies can implement and provide many of the security measures that you need.


The recent pandemic was a perfect example of just how important a clean workplace is – no matter the industry. A facilities management company can handle any and all of your cleaning needs.


Appearances are important, and this includes the surrounding grounds of your workplace.

Office design:

The design of your workplace directly impacts its productivity. If your workplace needs a shake-up, a facilities management company can help.

…and much more!

Wrapping up

If you haven’t done so already, it may be time to get help with the maintenance of your workplace.