Alternative Methods Companies Can Use to Generate Electricity – Is Singapore Next?

Every day, the Earth faces a constant depletion of its natural resources due to man’s consumption to support their lifestyle. From fossil fuel, to natural gas, these naturally occurring sources of energy were always used to generate electricity however it is not sustainable due to its limited quantity, amongst other contributing factors.

The traditional ways of generating electricity seem to be a typical example as they begin to prove unreliable and unsustainable. Electricity consumers in Singapore and other parts of the world should yearn for longer-lasting options.

There have been various researches carried out to discover how electricity can be generated without the environment being compromised. Some of these are mainstream renewable methods that are widely known such as solar, hydro power and wind power. However, there are others that sounds weird but might contribute to our future pool of energy to tap on.

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Although they have not been perfected, there is no doubt that the follow options can be tapped on in the near future.

Yes! We are referring to the torrential downpour or light showers of water that falls upon the Earth. Global rain fall is estimated to contribute to millions to billions of litres of water daily. The collective droplets of water can accumulate a massive amount of kinetic energy, which can then be converted into electricity.

In Singapore and other countries with similar climate which experiences heavy showers every so often, this becomes a potential for electricity generators of the nation to leverage on, on top of their usual energy source. To add, energy produced by rain is 5 times for environmentally friendly than solar energy. Both methods can be used to complement each other in such tropical conditions, especially during the monsoon season where water pours the hardest.

Confiscated Alcohol

The Scandinavian nation of Sweden converts smuggled alcohol into biogas. In 2014, up to 185,000 gallons of seized alcohol by the nations’ custom service were utilised to power over a thousand public transportation units; ranging from buses to trains. The government agency wishes to continue to use this free energy source to power its transportation infrastructure through biogas and it has been working closely with a local energy company, Svensk Biogas AB.

Used Adult Diapers

The sale of adult diapers in a country such as Japan is increasing at an unbelievable rate. SFD Recycling System, operated by Super Faiths Inc., saw this as a power-solution opportunity for the nation. After collecting used diapers, the system processes them into fluffy chips that are moulded into pellets to feed a biomass boiler. Alternatively, it is reused as paper and plastic fuel to provide for power plants. Its ability to recycle 317kg of soiled diapers means that this is an option for nations with an aging population.

Currently, Singapore is among the small number of countries which has full access to electricity. With 95{616ad3bdc1c1db26be105773c4727333d39a1703a8d12560e4a43bb73dbe1631} of our electricity generated from imported natural gas, there needs to be a more viable and reliable way to sustain way to support our electricity need; due to volatile resources and raw material prices.

What’s in it for you as consumers? The Open Electricity Market in Singapore offers a variety of plans that contributes to a more environmentally-conscious future.

Discover what energy companies in Singapore are doing to power the nation, through greener technology and alternative energy offers.