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Is HashFlare Legit? Let’s Learn More About the Cloudmining Service

Cryptocurrency mining becomes more popular with every new day. And the number of services that offer cloudmining also grows constantly. HashFlare is one of those companies that were standing in the very beginning of this industry and stays one of the most popular services on the market. In this review, we will try to find out why do users love it.

HashFlare as It is

HashFlare legit or scam? This question is interesting for new customers of the service, especially those who are also new to the entire cloudmining thing. And their interest is fair. The company has very sweet offers; it is popular and successful. There should be something wrong. Or not?

Anyway, HashFlare was launched in the early 2015 and is a division of HashCoins team. The popularity of the company speaks for itself. The main reason for lots of customers to start their deal with HashFlare is the low entry limit price and other beneficial features.

The interface of the website is worthy of mentioning too. It is simple and easy to use. It is another proof of HashFlare’s goal to make cloud mining closer to people, especially those who don’t know anything about this industry. And they are doing actually a great job according to various review articles and user testimonials.

So, if you are just a beginner, is the best choice to start with. All the processes are simple and clear. The transparency of transactions makes this company a reliable and trustworthy partner for cloud mining.

About HashFlare Pools

Every customer is free to choose from hashpower value list. The higher value is, the better result you can expect. But HashFlare has one great point for all the beginners there. The price for entry this company offers is one of the lowest one on the market. Absolutely great option, if you are afraid to lose your money or something like that. But due to various comments, the level of threats is really low here.

The mining process is well-described on the official website. You are welcome to choose from five main HashFlare pools and even create your personal combinations. Each pool has one year term of rent.

  1. SHA-256 for Bitcoins
  2. EQUIHASH for ZCash
  3. ETHASH for Ethereum
  4. X11 for Dash
  5. Scrypt for Litecoins

The lowest price for a pool starts from $2.00 for ZCash, and the highest goes with $7.50 for Script. Other pool prices vary between these two indexes.

HashFlare Tutorial: How to Use the Service

Every process needs its guide and detailed instruction. In this HashFlare review, you will learn how to work with the service properly.

Launch Your Private Account

It is clear you need to start with the website first. You need to enter the starting page and launch your private account there. While the entire interface is very user-friendly, you will need just a few minutes to do that.

On the dashboard, you will see some lines to fill in your personal info. After typing all that in, you need to proceed with the security options and confirm your registration. Your BTC balance will be shown on the dashboard so you could easily control your income and withdrawals.

One the more interesting point is that HashFlare allows you to reinvest your income into new pools. But, it is available only for Scrypt and SHA-256 mining algorithms.

Also, on the control panel, you will see your balance and other analytical info such as potential profit, for example. And then you need to purchase your first hashpower.

Purchasing Hashrates

Without buying hashrates, you will not be able to start your mining process. So, try to deal with this step as soon as possible. After your purchase, the cloud mining will start immediately. Yes, HashFlare system receives customer’s payments very fast and doesn’t waste time before launching the mining process. Time is money as we all know.

Such pools as Ethereum, ZCash, and Dash are free from any additional charges. But if you have chosen SHA256 and SCRYPT, be ready to pay an extra fee for maintenance. It is very tiny but just be aware of its existence.

Also, you can use your promo or discount code here. The number of paying methods is quite wide, and everyone will find one for himself. You can pay via:

  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit card
  • Emercoin
  • Webmoney
  • Payeer

Note that the first payout will be sent on your bill after first 24 hours of mining.


HashFlare no scam. That is it. An absolutely fair system with clear and transparent terms. All the processes are transparent. You can start with the lowest entry price on the market and then reinvest your income in the future. Feel free to contact HashFlare support team to learn more about their discounts, prices, and processes in general.